About us

Jason Plecity and Tim Kowalski know how important word-of-mouth advertising can be for a builder. A good share of their business is repeat customers. So our reputation is your best guarantee. Both Jason and Tim have been active in the building industry since the mid-1980's.

We enjoy working on the job with our crew and being there to oversee the work. Generally, Plecity takes the finish portion of the job while Kowalski runs the framing crew and handles more of the beginning work. Plecity says their biggest challenge is dealing with the increased cost of products. They are pre-buying materials and locking in prices.

We draw up each plan for your custom needs

"With the expansion of our crew, we are doing more commercial work," Plecity says. "We are also doing a lot more homes in the lakes area and doing some very large homes 100 miles out of the F-M area. The company generally builds in the $300,000 and higher price category. Much of their business is in the $450-500,000 range.

"After building more than 40 homes last year, the company expanded its crew to more than 30 employees. Plecity says this allows them to be even more versatile with their projects. Their crew does all framing, door and window installation and finish work; they also do all the company's own staining and woodwork. "We build a quality high-end home for a good value because we do a lot of the work hands-on, beside our crew," Building Custom Homes was their original focus, and remains so today.